Blue light

How Blue Light Can Harm Your Eyes.

We are now offering blue light protection lenses that help to reduce eye fatigue and digital eye strain. Perfect for everyone who needs relief from increased screen time

Since the year 2000, the number of people with vision problems has skyrocketed. We’re even seeing eye problems among young children! And one of the main culprits behind this trend is our increased exposure to blue light.

As you may know, we’re all exposed to blue light every day. We get a lot of it naturally from the sun. But we now get much more from other ways, too.

You get blue light from florescent and LED lights. You get it every time you watch television on a flat screen TV. And you get it whenever you use your cell phone, tablet, or computer.

These are all parts of modern day living. So unless you want to live in a cave, you need a way to protect your eyes from harmful blue light.

Well, believe it or not, there is a natural way to absorb blue light before it has the chance to cause any damage. All you have to do is take two nutrients called Lutein (LOO-teen) 

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