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orion optical VISION AND STYLE

Orion Optical is a locally owned and operated, independent full-service optometry practice located in Concord, California. Our core philosophy revolves around delivering top-notch, cost-effective eye care services that are tailored to meet your individual needs.

Dedicated to your well-being, our team is committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, all while adhering rigorously to the latest CDC protocols. The success and accomplishments of our practice are a testament to the unwavering dedication and hard work of our exceptional staff members.

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Schedule an EYE EXAM

To schedule an eye exam with us, take advantage of our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, which often eliminates the need for dilation.

Book a comprehensive annual eye examination with one of our skilled optometrists to prioritize the health of your eyes and safeguard your vision. Discover the potential to enhance both your visual acuity and appearance through our premium selection of designer eyewear, lenses, or soft contact lenses. Your vision deserves the best, and we are here to provide it.

Do You Have Your Prescription?

Do you already have your prescription in hand? If so, bring it with you and enjoy a complimentary fitting session for the frames of your preference. We'll help you find the perfect frame that complements the contours of your face, and pair it with precisely tailored corrective lenses to meet your specific vision requirements.

Complimentary Fitting

Experience our complimentary fitting service, where our knowledgeable staff will assist you in uncovering your ideal style. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore a variety of frames and receive a personalized fitting to enhance your new image. We're confident that you'll be delighted with your refreshed appearance.

Select the best lens for your lifestyle.

  • Do you use your smartphone during the day for business or pleasure?
  • Do you use your tablet much?
  • Are you on your computer at work?
  • Are you outdoors mainly during the day?
  • What is your hobby?
  • Do you do sports?
  • A suitable lens paired with the right frame will make your life so much easier.

As an independent optometry, we are free to select and offer the best digital and non-digital lenses and make them available to you.

Our quality lens brand selection is not available in franchise optometry. If you want to make your work and life easier select the right lens for the task. Our trained staff will help and make recommendations.

Proper Coating to Protect Your Eyes

Ensuring Proper Lens Coatings for Eye Protection

The demands of today's modern lifestyle have propelled eyewear technology to new heights.

At Orion Optical, we provide a range of advanced lens coatings to safeguard your eyes and enhance your visual experience. These include:

  1. Anti-glare Coating: Minimizes distracting reflections and glare, providing clarity and comfort, especially in challenging lighting conditions.
  2. Scratch-resistant Coating: Preserves the integrity of your lenses by reducing the risk of scratches and abrasions, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  3. Ultraviolet (UV) Light Protection Coating: Shields your eyes from harmful UV rays, helping to maintain your ocular health.
  4. Hydrophobic (Water-Repellent) Coating: Repels water and moisture, ensuring clear vision even in wet conditions.
  5. Oil-Resistant Coating: Resists oil and smudges, making it easier to keep your lenses clean and clear.
  6. Transition or Photochromic Lenses: Lenses that adapt to changing light conditions, providing both UV protection and clear vision indoors and outdoors.

These coatings represent some of the most common and widely used technologies available to protect both your lenses and your precious eyesight. At Orion Optical, we prioritize your eye health and visual comfort, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs.

Dior Spring 23 collection sunglasses.
Come and enjoy a complimentary fitting for summer.

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Are you on a computer all day, or managing a project outdoors, or, simply playing golf, fishing, or skiing?

Our staff is trained to recommend suitable designer frames, protective eyewear, and lens for your active lifestyle. "Most insurance is accepted"


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Ray-Ban is a leader in sun and prescription eyewear for generations providing timeless style, authenticity and premium lenses and frames.

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Maui Jim offers a selection of durable, lightweight polarized sunglasses that allow you to see the world in truly vibrant, glare free color.



From cat-eye and square frames to a tortoiseshell finish, discover our timeless and distinct designer sunglasses collection.


The brand is known for their level of ingenuity on the verge of the impossible.

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DITA glasses capture a singular moment of inspiration that will endure a lifetime.

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This exclusive collection focuses on classic, modern, and timeless shapes in rich colors and unique patterns.

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Meticulously crafted by hand in Japan, a single pair of Barton Perreira frames takes weeks to refine.




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We have quality lenses


Marygrace B.

Fairfield, CA

Super happy with my purchase and the customer service! I purchased a pair of sunglasses and gucci eye glasses. The prescription lens are so clear and great quality!

I would totally recommend this place to everyone!

Shirley P.

Clayton, CA

Buyer Beware. Especially if you have vision insurance. The incredibly rude and pushy gentleman who waited on me told me my insurance only covered $120 on my glasses. I bought them (like I said, he was pushy). By the time I got home I knew something was off and I immediately called and canceled my glasses. He was curt, but did it and emailed me confirmation.
Never once asked me why.
Today I went to Broadway Eyeworks in Walnut Creek. Imagine my shock when I was told that my insurance covered over half the cost of glasses! $600!! Either Orion doesn't know how to figure insurance or ???

Vicki W.

Orinda, CA

Hands down the best in the bay and beyond! From the moment I walked through the door I was taken care of. Having 20/20 vision up until 44 I had never experienced the process of eye exams and finding the right glasses. Dr Sui was fantastic making sure I understood what my prescription was and giving me advice about an eye infection I had been struggling with for years. Then syd (owner) took over and I was placed in very good hands. The glasses selection is vast with so much to choose from but syd made sure I had all I needed to choose the right ones. Along with his extremely helpful assistant and son I felt very spoilt for the wonderful service I had gotten. I even had a follow up call after I got my glasses to make make sure they were working out well.
From the quality of the glasses, the speedy turn around and the ease I felt after giving into age 😉 I highly recommend you go check out these guys! Thank you so much for taking great care of me.
I have since had my whole family go

Jessie B.

Rodeo, CA

I want to start off by saying people at Orion Optical
Are so wonderful and welcoming asked me what kind of glasses I was looking for I told the staff I was not sure.They showed me all the Latest style's all the way up to the higher end styles, with being said I found a pair of Gucci glasses that I had to have!

For my lens they used high Quality! I can definitely see the difference. I couldn't be more happier with my lens. It can be difficult to do my lenses. Because. I require some special stuff .The Orion Optical staff took good care of all of my special needs. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to make sure. I was happy with my purchase. I am definitely going to recommend you guys to anybody that I know!

Thanks Jessie B.

Ultima M.

Oakland, CA

The gentleman that was working here during the Yelp Elite event has us sold!!

Great customer service Very outgoing and knowledgeable

This optical shop has a great variety of glasses to chose from

Store is clean and well organized

Prices can be kinda high depending on your selection

We are just waiting for 2022 to come and our health spending account to be re loaded LOL

See you soon

Mark R.

San Jose, CA

The staff is really helpful and knowledgeable. Take advantage of their $100 off for the second pair. I have never been able to see better. Crisp and clear lenses.

Christopher P.

Concord, CA

Great service and selection of eyewear! They carry brands that are hard to come by in California.

Ann J.

San Francisco, CA

Wow I have a tough time with getting the right prescription for my glasses because of my one right eye which requires progressive glasses. I have seen optometrists in my past struggle to find the right lens that works. Dr Matt Shiu was efficient and quick, he was pretty spot on with my prescription. There is amazing machines here that made the run of tests effortless. I ordered a new pair of glasses because the selection of glasses here are the best I've ever seen! TOO DIE FOR!! The owners have good taste and there are classic and even up to trend styles.My last optometrist in Pleasanton was good but the display of glasses were horrific. Was very happy with my visit here, owner and wife were so supportive of picking out a new set of designer glasses.

Dave D.

Napa, CA

Very well put together nice selections of frames from moderateto expensiveframes...friendly & professional service.

Yiota Taptelis

This place changed my life! I have been to many places in the last 10 years of wearing glasses, but was never fully satisfied. My business partner recommended this place. Now, after being satisfied with my glasses, I have recommended it to my family. My mom, husband, and my son are all very satisfied as well. They carry nice trendy frames as well. The customer service is 5 star too! Definitely recommend!

Sharon Bomar

As a long term glass wearer I have never been to such an amazing optometry surrounded with luxury brands, great customer service and with an optometrist on site. Amazing eyewear with pristine lenses and the most up to date technology and picked up my 2 pairs in less than a week. Will not go elsewhere as this is the only one stop shop for all your eye care needs in the Bay Area. Orion Optical has amazing grand opening promotional deals that allowed me to buy 2 pairs and one of those was sunglass RX.

Salar Afshar 'student'

I was walking near the Veranda after eating food at Mikuni and after food I stopped by this place to check out their lenses. I was greeted by Sid and his wonderful staff! Lyn ( the sales woman) is super nice and friendly!

They made me an appointment and I was in and out with Dr.Siu in about 15 mins. It was such an easy appointment and he was thorough explaining what was going on with my eyes.

In the end,I got this beautiful pair of Guccis and I absolutely love how clear and crisp the lenses are! I got them back pretty quickly too!

10/10 would recommend everyone getting their glasses from here!

Thank you Orion Optical team!

Jason Wynne

Beautiful eye glass shop with all the fashion brands you can imagine. They are just now opening, if you like stylish frames and fashion sunglasses check it out! Phone number is 925-349-477

katerina maza

This is a wonderful place. I had a great experience with Dr Siu and the entire store staff. My glasses are beautiful and my lenses the best.

Katrina Mbonisi

Great service with amazing selections on frames. Fabulous customer service and employees. Highly recommend Sid and Lyn.


I went in there and was greeted right away. Very nice and polite staff. I was referred there by Caballeros Barber Lounge, and I walked out with a CUTE pair of BIRTHDAY GLASSES.

I highly recommend this place. Very knowledgeable, nice and optimistic staff.

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