Reading Glass

There is a commonly held misconception that if you desire an easier reading experience you could just select any over-the-counter reading glass. However, there is also a belief that this may not be the best and most appropriate method of enhancing your reading experience. Our in-house doctor recommends a simple no-dilation eye exam to determine the actual cause of your eye fatigue. An eye exam will result in an accurate prescription with more specific additional prescription information such as astigmatism.

Over-the-counter one-size-fits-all reading glasses are generic and do not carry other vital eyesight-specific information, therefore they could cause more harm than good. They often cause headaches and dizziness among other possible side effects. 

The need to see better while reading could point out other clues that only an eye exam can reveal. Reach out to your optometry and schedule an exam today. Most insurances do pay for all or a portion of this simple but useful exam.

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